Serial Art

Do you paint in sets? Watercolour artists often do, especially if painting in wet or in layers (since watching the paint dry isn’t exactly the most exciting experience), but so do the artists using other media. Developing a theme and exploring other possibilities while using the same colours or the same subject, is very commonContinue reading “Serial Art”

Food Art

How do you paint food? (and I’m not asking how do you paint Easter eggs) Using vivid, bright colours, or subtle, muted shades? loose or tight, sketchy or detailed and precise? these are a matter of personal style, of course. The same is true when it comes to the choice of media. These three ladiesContinue reading “Food Art”

Watercolour White

Watercolour white is a total conundrum – added to other paints it destroys transparency, one of the most treasured qualities of aquarell art, added on top of watercolour layers does the same, without really whitening the area, layered over white paper remains invisible and useless… so most watercolour artists suggest leaving the white areas untouched,Continue reading “Watercolour White”

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