Watercolour Trends

Have you ever wondered how a subject becomes a trend? me too! Here’s my theory: It takes someone extremely skilled to simplify a subject, while making it breathtakingly beautiful and (seemingly) super easy to recreate. That’s it. In a day or two, you’ll start seeing eucalyptus (ginseng, monstera, etc) leaves everywhere.   Speaking of extremelyContinue reading “Watercolour Trends”

Watercolour White

Watercolour white is a total conundrum – added to other paints it destroys transparency, one of the most treasured qualities of aquarell art, added on top of watercolour layers does the same, without really whitening the area, layered over white paper remains invisible and useless… so most watercolour artists suggest leaving the white areas untouched,Continue reading “Watercolour White”

Wet-in-Wet Magic

We all know watercolour wet-in-wet is the best thing since discovery of the hot water – no question about it! Even though this beautiful technique simply boils down to adding (wet) paint to the wet surface, one needs to understand how wet, how much paint, when to stop and how exactly to direct the delicateContinue reading “Wet-in-Wet Magic”

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