Serial Art

Do you paint in sets?

Watercolour artists often do, especially if painting in wet or in layers (since watching the paint dry isn’t exactly the most exciting experience), but so do the artists using other media.

Developing a theme and exploring other possibilities while using the same colours or the same subject, is very common among the surface pattern designers, and a way to tell a story in more than one chapter. 

Ellen Crimi-Trent @ellencrimitrent, a Massachusetts-based artist and designer, uses all types of mediums in her expressive artwork and often paints in sets or series. Her wall of white-on-black flowers, done in acrylics, is a beautiful example of the variety that can be achieved simply by changing composition and layout of a single subject, while using the same limited palette. 

Kelly Ventura @kellyventuradesign works in Michigan and has created some of the most luscious surface pattern designs for famous retailers, including Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel, IKEA and Target. Kelly’s paintings and patterns sometimes spill over to another sheet of watercolour paper. Her peonies featured below are among those luxurious samples.

Gosia Gregorczyk @mkonejn, based in Gdansk, Poland, uses watercolours to create stunning gestural florals. As a surface pattern designer, Gosia often paints a series of flowers which either spread to another sheet of paper, or show a different angle and a variation on the theme in several editions, each entrancing on its own and absolutely fabulous when put together. 

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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