Traditional to Modern

Digital, collage, mixed media… are only few of the ways classic illustration, art and design is transformed from traditional to modern, contemporary artistic vision, with unique perspective and creative mark of each individual artist. The following three British artists have made these transformations singularly stylish and exceptional.   Katie Scott @katiekatiescott is a well established anatomical andContinue reading “Traditional to Modern”

Painting Mushrooms

There’s a million and one way to paint a subject, mushrooms included (mushrooms, perhaps, in a million ways more than any other subject, given their sheer variety). The following three Instagram artists, each in their own way, have created a beautiful tribute to the simple little mushie. Australian illustrator Karen Colenso @karencolenso has a veryContinue reading “Painting Mushrooms”

The Art of Sketching

How quickly can you paint something, giving it shape, volume, texture and colour, thus making it instantly recognizable, without getting bogged down in unnecessary fluff and the grip of perfectionism? The art of sketching is going through a major revival, thanks to the permanent appeal of the fresh, uncluttered, intuitive artwork that allows the viewer’sContinue reading “The Art of Sketching”

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