Poetry in Colour

You’d think realists and hyper-realists especially must be painting with needles and pins! You wouldn’t be too far away from the truth. When it comes to watercolour, in addition to high quality brushes with lots of zeroes on them, realism takes detailed, accurate drawings (measuring included), lots of thin watery layers, really going from lightContinue reading “Poetry in Colour”

Spirited Creatures

Three incredibly successful and well loved artists we are presenting today are veritable gems, distinguished by originality and authenticity. Their innovative approach and abundance of creativity has earned them a special place in the world of contemporary art, as well as in this column – with some of their spirited creatures. Fotini Tikkou @fotinitikkouillustration, aContinue reading “Spirited Creatures”

Modern Botanicals

This Wednesday we are Dreaming in Colour with a brand new set of three unique artists, creating wonderfully fresh, modern botanicals.  Shaz Serene @shazserene, a Malaysian watercolourist from Kuala Lumpur, paints loose florals in a range of soft pastel shades. She also runs art workshops and sells both prints and originals at her website, whichContinue reading “Modern Botanicals”

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