Watercolour Trends

Have you ever wondered how a subject becomes a trend? me too!

Here’s my theory: It takes someone extremely skilled to simplify a subject, while making it breathtakingly beautiful and (seemingly) super easy to recreate. That’s it. In a day or two, you’ll start seeing eucalyptus (ginseng, monstera, etc) leaves everywhere.  

Speaking of extremely skilled, French artist Blanche @leaubleue_ is most definitely at the very top. You could very well say Blanche is the Queen of Eucalyptus Leaves, with a number of stunning renditions of the subject, including the lovely red versions. Blanche paints her leaves and florals loosely, achieving subtle gradients and beautiful watery transitions.

Mina Park @minartillust paints the most striking botanicals in layers. In her Instagram post featured here, Mina plays with several colour mixes to create a rust-tinged, classical green and turquoise eucalyptus branch. Certainly one of the most exceptional eucalyptus-themed artworks. 

Jinhee @piggyme_1017 reviews watercolour supplies and has the most eclectic collection of ceramic palettes and trays. Her eucalyptus leaves are vivid and semi-realistic, and her presentation simple and elegant.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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