Scenic drawings with a flair for the fantastical, Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Thanks Meni @menis_art for taking part in our illustrators’ interview series!

How long have you been drawing?

I have been drawing and crafting things since I can remember. Professionally as a
full time illustrator, for the past five years. However, in total since my studies as a
graphic designer give or take for the past 11 years.

What’s your process?

First step of the work is research of the subject I am interested by reading a lot of
books, poems and etc. After I have a concept, I start creating different little variations
(pencil sketches). When I decide on a final draft, I proceed by selecting a surface,
paper or wood. Final step is to outline the work and fill in all the details with different
pen sizes and occasionally I may use other mediums too.

Digital vs traditional?

I prefer traditional drawing, however, I do enjoy working on certain occasions

How long does it take to create it?

Each drawing requires different things, materials and time to be completed. I can
finish something very small in a few hours, but mostly it takes me days, weeks or
even months to finish a piece. Coming up with an idea, making multiple sketches,
revisions and of course the complexity and size of the work play significant role.

Is it a hobby or your career?

For me it is a career. However, there is a very fine line between these two, it can be
both. You can separate the business side of the work but when you are creating, art
is enjoyable. Is about making and exploring things, whether you do it as a profession
or not.

Why do you draw?

I want to create worlds that people can escape to, to dream, to travel for a few
seconds or minutes. The actual act of drawing, the process is very pleasing and

What inspires you?

Our vast natural world and its living inhabitants in every form and shape, both good
and bad. Books and poems hold unlimited inspiration for me, as they open different
worlds to dive in and spark up thoughts and feelings.

How can people get in contact with you?
They can send me an email at or they can join
me and my creative adventures on my social media pages.

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