Moon Art

Are you fascinated by the Moon? so am I! Its cool light, constant changes and the mysterious ways it affects life on Earth has been inspiring artists through the ages. A simple subject to paint, moon art most often turns magical, bringing the sense of mystique and an air of secrecy. Here are some ofContinue reading “Moon Art”

Watercolour Trends

Have you ever wondered how a subject becomes a trend? me too! Here’s my theory: It takes someone extremely skilled to simplify a subject, while making it breathtakingly beautiful and (seemingly) super easy to recreate. That’s it. In a day or two, you’ll start seeing eucalyptus (ginseng, monstera, etc) leaves everywhere.   Speaking of extremelyContinue reading “Watercolour Trends”

Serial Art

Do you paint in sets? Watercolour artists often do, especially if painting in wet or in layers (since watching the paint dry isn’t exactly the most exciting experience), but so do the artists using other media. Developing a theme and exploring other possibilities while using the same colours or the same subject, is very commonContinue reading “Serial Art”

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