Moon Art

Are you fascinated by the Moon? so am I!

Its cool light, constant changes and the mysterious ways it affects life on Earth has been inspiring artists through the ages.

A simple subject to paint, moon art most often turns magical, bringing the sense of mystique and an air of secrecy. Here are some of my favourite Instagram moons (I’m sure I’ve missed a few glorious ones since… well, many don’t seem to be tagged properly Emoji)

Mimi’s (@dizzyhazelart) strong-contrast Moon is turned into a beautiful graphic illustration with branches and gold painted around. 

Erica Gilliam @thesleepypine has created a wonderful bullet journal spread, filled with Moon phases and decorated with gold leaves, along with instructions on how to fully benefit from each of the waxing and waning events. 

The giant half moon by Enire @enire_k, with myriad of colours, from lightest pinks and rusts all the way to indigo and black, makes you feel like you’re being pulled into the open space.

Rayna Schwab’s (@rayna.schwab) gallery exhibits lots of moon art, demonstrating dozens of ways to paint our second celestial light. Among the loveliest are Rayna’s paintings of plant and tree silhouettes against the pale moonlight.

Tatiana Boiko gives her moons anthropomorphic character – a common approach in medieval times, on old illuminations and engravings – here with a modern twist, creating a beautiful spread of poetic and feminine moon phases.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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