The Art of Sketching

How quickly can you paint something, giving it shape, volume, texture and colour, thus making it instantly recognizable, without getting bogged down in unnecessary fluff and the grip of perfectionism?

The art of sketching is going through a major revival, thanks to the permanent appeal of the fresh, uncluttered, intuitive artwork that allows the viewer’s eye to complete the picture on its own.

The following three Instagram artists are certainly among the masters of the art form. 

Australian architect and artist Liz Steel @lizsteelart is a self-professed “obsessive sketcher”. From her daily and weekly menus, through the urban scenes, landscapes, illustrations of her colour palettes and art tools, all the way down to portraits, Liz sketches her life journey with a passion and zest of a true art lover. Famous for her masterful collection of teacup sketches, Liz teaches both live workshops and online, at and her website.

Jennie Kessinger @jennie_kessinger, based in States, is another passionate sketcher, dedicated to daily practice of the art. Using mainly watercolor, ink and gouache, Jennie fills her growing collection of over 50 sketchbooks with urban sketches, scenes from her road trips, interiors, drawings and illustrations of animals, plants, food, drink, landscapes and virtually any and all objects that land in her field of vision. 

Lisa Livoni @lisalivoni from Portland, Oregon, is a well-established watercolour artist, with a number of solo exhibitions throughout USA under her belt. Although not necessarily a sketcher, Lisa’s intuitive, loose and wonderfully vibrant art is marked by the spontaneity and freshness of a skilled master. Using botany as her main subject, Lisa’s brush never adds a single stroke more than is absolutely essential to create a brilliant work of art. 

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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