Inky Monochromes by Ellie Morris

Thanks Ellie aka @elliemdesign for taking part in our black and white illustrators’ interviews series! 

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was a tiny human. I’ve always been more practical than academic, much preferring to hold a paintbrush or put on a pair of running shoes than pick up a practice test. 

What’s your process?

Sketch, question it, re-sketch and question it again. I can sit on an idea for six months or I can picture an idea immediately, there is no in-between.  

Digital vs traditional?

Pen on paper is unbeatable, but my finished work is completed and produced digitally.

How long does it take to create it?

It varies, from a few hours to a couple of days, totally dependent on the design.

Is it a hobby or your career?

Both. I work full time to pay to live, freelance to build my portfolio (& buy that takeaway occasionally) and then I create for fun too. 

What inspires you?

A mass of things: nature, space, architecture, etc. The artists I follow, they are all incredible & inspiring. 

What is the proudest moment that you have achieved?

The week I consumed 2.5kg of Nutella? But truthfully, it’s seeing my work out in the world. Nothing is better than helping people or making them smile. I was lucky enough to work with a musician on t-shirt illustrations that raised over $10,000 for a U.K charity; his supporters are incredible.

What is the biggest obstacle that you have faced?

Like many, I struggle with my mental health everyday. After University I was at one of my lowest points, with unsupportive staff & suffering family loss, my anxiety levels & self-belief were extremely poor. I still wonder whether or not I am good enough for this community however my Nan always told me to try my best because it’s all you can do, just don’t give up. Those are the words to live by.

You have one day to live, how do you spend it?

With family, trying to drag them on a flight to New York. It’s a place I have always wanted to go. 

How can people get in contact with you? EmailInstagram or Twitter. I work on custom projects from branding to packaging, to one off prints and tattoo designs.

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