Sketchbook Magic

Ask watercolour artists about their favorite art supplies and you’ll get many different answers – from preferred brushes, paints and paper, to absolute must-have palettes, white pens or masking fluids. But one thing we all love and have in common, which is often not mentioned, are sketchbooks. There’s something magical about sketchbooks, like painting your own journey and leafing through your most uplifting dreams. The following three artists fully illustrate that appeal. 

Kristina Gavrilova @xtina_gavrilova_art, based in Russia, paints deliciously loose urban scenes, architectural elements, intricate street lanterns and florals. Transparency and luminosity of Kristina’s watercolour are precisely the qualities that make this medium ever-popular, and unique perspectives and compositions of her paintings bring her artwork to the fore. Leaning towards the cooler side of the colour wheel, Kristina mostly reaches for soft purples, pinks, blues and greens. She also teaches the art of watercolour on Skillshare and on the Russian Master Classes website. 

Slovenian artist Sara Kajba @moonchildillustrations uses watercolour, markers, coloured pencils, acrylics and other media to create unique stories and characters. Distinguished by the rich autumnal palette, with rusts, oranges, reds and earths dominating her work, Sara’s art is an imaginative combination of the classic children-book style illustration and manga-inspired art. Sara also loves to “draw with you”, inviting you to give her prompts for the new characters and sketches.

Half a globe away, in USA, Abigail Halpin @abigailhalpin illustrates books, creates patterns for fabrics, saws, embroiders and paints using mixed media and collage. An artist and crafter, Abigail draws inspiration from folk art, mystery novels and vintage textiles, among else and, in turn, presents a wealth of inspiration herself. In addition to paintings, sketches and patterns, Abigail’s Instagram gallery features playfully illustrated quotes, various objects painted by hand (including flower pots, Christmas decoration, Easter eggs, fall leaves and Halloween pumpkins), as well as memorable pages from her sketchbooks.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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