Food Art

How do you paint food? (and I’m not asking how do you paint Easter eggs) Using vivid, bright colours, or subtle, muted shades? loose or tight, sketchy or detailed and precise? these are a matter of personal style, of course. The same is true when it comes to the choice of media. These three ladiesContinue reading “Food Art”

Wet-in-Wet Magic

We all know watercolour wet-in-wet is the best thing since discovery of the hot water – no question about it! Even though this beautiful technique simply boils down to adding (wet) paint to the wet surface, one needs to understand how wet, how much paint, when to stop and how exactly to direct the delicateContinue reading “Wet-in-Wet Magic”

Traditional to Modern

Digital, collage, mixed media… are only few of the ways classic illustration, art and design is transformed from traditional to modern, contemporary artistic vision, with unique perspective and creative mark of each individual artist. The following three British artists have made these transformations singularly stylish and exceptional.   Katie Scott @katiekatiescott is a well established anatomical andContinue reading “Traditional to Modern”

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