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Interview with illustrator and tattoo artist Sacronero

Thanks Marco Costantini @sacronero for taking part in our illustrators’ interview series! How long have you been drawing? From a very long time, since i was a young boy. I have a precise memory of my childhood: my dad who used to draw beautiful and super funny greeting cards for the whole family, and me trying in everyContinue reading “Interview with illustrator and tattoo artist Sacronero”


An interview with tattoo artist Claudia Chelo

Thanks Claudia aka @clach_art for accepting to take part in our favourite black and white illustrators’ interview series! Let’s start the questions!  How long have you been drawing? I always remember my sister drawing since we were children, I used to look up to her. And then I just never stopped! Is it a hobbyContinue reading “An interview with tattoo artist Claudia Chelo”