Minimalist & geometric art by Al Stocker

Thanks Al aka @al_stocker_draws for taking part in our black and white illustrators’ interview series! How long have you been drawing? I have always loved art since I was a young boy but I didn’t start drawing more until November 2017. I decided to start a daily challenge to try and improve and I haven’t stopped since.Continue reading “Minimalist & geometric art by Al Stocker”

An interview with watercolor artist Inga Buividavice

Thanks Inga aka @inga.buive for taking part in our favourite illustrators’ interviews series! Let’s start the questions! How long have you been drawing? I am a graphic designer but I haven’t been drawing that much till the last year. I was constantly thinking that I will start drawing one day but it seemed that this day willContinue reading “An interview with watercolor artist Inga Buividavice”

Nature inspired illustrations by Kaari Selven

Today Kaari aka @artbykaari, one of our favorite black and white illustrators, is here and she will aswer some questions! So exciting! What is your process? / Digital or traditional? I started out dedicated to traditional pen and ink but more recently, I’ve been drawn to the world of digital art. Most of my recent workContinue reading “Nature inspired illustrations by Kaari Selven”

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