Nanna Boegekaer's eclectic illustrations

Thanks Nanna aka @littleboegekaer for taking part in our black and white illustrators’ interview series! How long have you been drawing? Since 2012/13, I think. I started late! What’s your process? I just draw whenever I get an idea really. It’s an urge most of all. I don’t really get the process but it feels magical atContinue reading “Nanna Boegekaer's eclectic illustrations”

Sketchbook Magic

Ask watercolour artists about their favorite art supplies and you’ll get many different answers – from preferred brushes, paints and paper, to absolute must-have palettes, white pens or masking fluids. But one thing we all love and have in common, which is often not mentioned, are sketchbooks. There’s something magical about sketchbooks, like painting yourContinue reading “Sketchbook Magic”

Renata Krawczyk's Patterned Blacks

So excited having here Renata Krawczyk aka @rena.illustration aswering a few questions about her work. Let’s start the questions! How long have you been drawing? I have been drawing ever since I can remember; with different consistency though. For three years now drawing consumes most of the time.  What’s your process? When an idea springsContinue reading “Renata Krawczyk's Patterned Blacks”

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