Inky Monochromes by Ellie Morris

Thanks Ellie aka @elliemdesign for taking part in our black and white illustrators’ interviews series!  How long have you been drawing? Since I was a tiny human. I’ve always been more practical than academic, much preferring to hold a paintbrush or put on a pair of running shoes than pick up a practice test.  What’s your process?Continue reading “Inky Monochromes by Ellie Morris”

Giselle Dekel’s Pun Art

Thanks Giselle Dekel aka @giselle_dekel for accepting to take part in our favorite illustrators’ interview series! Let’s start the questions! Giselle at work in her workstation. How long have you been drawing? Since forever, but it got more serious after taking my first art class at age six. What’s your process? I don’t think IContinue reading “Giselle Dekel’s Pun Art”

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