Butterfly Magic

If you’ve been painting and posting on Instagram for any amount of time you must have fallen in love with Inga Buividavice’s @inga.buive art. Graphic designer by trade and artist by birth, Inga uses watercolour and gouache to paint extravagantly beautiful florals and whimsical botanicals. Harmonious, graceful and enchanting, her paintings are an eye candy you simplyContinue reading “Butterfly Magic”

Dreaming in colour: Whimsical Portraits

Hello, Lana here, your uber-friendly guest columnist for Blackwork and Illustration Now and @TempuraDesign I’ve been honoured to be given this opportunity to share works of my favorite artists with you, at one of my all-time favorite art sites. Hope you watch this space and enjoy my weekly selection! If you are anything like meContinue reading “Dreaming in colour: Whimsical Portraits”

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