Sketchbook Magic

Ask watercolour artists about their favorite art supplies and you’ll get many different answers – from preferred brushes, paints and paper, to absolute must-have palettes, white pens or masking fluids. But one thing we all love and have in common, which is often not mentioned, are sketchbooks. There’s something magical about sketchbooks, like painting yourContinue reading “Sketchbook Magic”

Earth Art

Plastic may have been all the rage in the sixties (was it? ever?) and microwave & dishwasher-safe uniform mugs and dinnerware might still be the most prudent choice but I, for one, can never resist the earth art – the rustic, hand-made, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind ceramics. Australian artist Madeline King @earth_darlings stretches the boundaries and bringsContinue reading “Earth Art”

Art Imaginarium

Art and imagination are almost interchangeable terms, but even though art can hardly exist without imagination, in some cases the connection may not be entirely obvious. With the following Instagram artists, however, there can be no dilemma – their work, each in its own way, is marked by oodles of creativity, turning daily and commonContinue reading “Art Imaginarium”

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