Nature inspired illustrations by Kaari Selven

Today Kaari aka @artbykaari, one of our favorite black and white illustrators, is here and she will aswer some questions! So exciting! What is your process? / Digital or traditional? I started out dedicated to traditional pen and ink but more recently, I’ve been drawn to the world of digital art. Most of my recent workContinue reading “Nature inspired illustrations by Kaari Selven”

The traditional inkworks of Luke Eidenschink

Thanks so much Luke aka for taking part in our favorite black and white illustrators’ interview series! What inspires you? I am inspired by many things: nature, history, fantasy and sci-fi stories and of course, the work of other artists. Digital vs traditional? I work in the medium of ink on paper, using mainlyContinue reading “The traditional inkworks of Luke Eidenschink”

Happy 3rd anniversary BlackWorkNow!

🎈 3rd ANNIVERSARY!!! 🎈 I thought this important anniversary is the perfect time to introduce myself. I’ve delayed doing this post because I never wanted it to be personal, but I think I owe you people at least a proper introduction 😁Hi everyone, my name is Serena, three years ago I created @blackworknow on Instagram and IContinue reading “Happy 3rd anniversary BlackWorkNow!”

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