Illustrator Fabian Branas’ micro world

Thanks Fabian for taking part in our illustrators’ interview series!

How long have you been drawing?

There is a rumor that I was born with a pencil in my hand..

What’s your process?

I’ve two kind of processes. 

The first one: I think about something I feel, or a message I want to share, and then I write some words associated to it. To continue, I use these words to inspire me to do some sketches. I sketch and sketch again until it’s visually interesting. Sometimes it can take a few days. When I’m proud of my drawing, I ink it. After that, I show it to my family and some friends to have their feedback. And sometimes I restart it, or put it aside for some days and come back on it later.

The second one I can’t explain it. When I walk, when I take a shower, when I cook, when I read, when I drive, … an idea pop up in my brain and I have to draw it. Magic or excessive imagination? 

Digital vs traditional?

Traditional art is for me the most authentic and the most emotional art.

But I discovered the digital art just recently and actually that’s true it can be really interesting too.

How long does it take to create it?

It depends on my brain. If an idea pops up, it takes me less than an hour. If I have to search for a good idea and sketch a lot, a drawing can take me a few days.

Is it a hobby or your career?

Illustration is becoming my job now. I try to live with my drawings and I think I’m on the right track.

Why do you draw?

I’ve too many things in my head and heart, this is why I need to put them on paper. This is the only way to get them out otherwise I feel overwhelmed, my brain (heart) overheat and… BOOM !

What is the biggest obstacle that you have faced?

This is not the biggest but the longest:

I’ve always had some problems with my father because we don’t have the same vision of the world. He didn’t understand why I wanted to make art. For him, art was inevitably associated with the bohemian life. He is working hard since years in a big company to support his family and his son wanted to make art.. No security. Not so much money. An impossible life for him. It was hard for me to grow in life when someone I love didn’t believe in me. However I fought during a few years, and one day he came to me and said : “I’m proud of you, son!” 

You have one day to live, how do you spend it?

I open my fridge, grab a beer and drink it watching the ocean, listening the waves. And what happens when the beer’s empty? I grab another one. 

What inspires you?

The most of the time I’m inspired by what I live, what I feel or what I dream of. But there are some things which are frequently in my drawings: 

nature, because it’s fascinating me.

ocean, because it soothes me.

mountains, because I feel so tiny when I’m on them.

ecology, because respect is my first value and nature needs our respect.

skateboard, because it’s so fun.

surf, because it’s so fun.

vanlife, because it is my definition of freedom.

How can people get in contact with you? 

Opened to any crazy ideas! 

IG :

email :

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