Wet-in-Wet Magic

We all know watercolour wet-in-wet is the best thing since discovery of the hot water – no question about it! Even though this beautiful technique simply boils down to adding (wet) paint to the wet surface, one needs to understand how wet, how much paint, when to stop and how exactly to direct the delicate play of colours, in order to create something magical. The following three masters of the technique should be used as an example!

Interior designer and watercolour artist Alla Kontsedaylova @allakontsedaylova from Belarus paints the most breathtaking florals. Vibrant yet airy, saturated yet transparent and light, clearly recognizable but still deliciously loose, as if not made by the human hand. Most definitely the complete mastery of wet-in-wet technique, in addition to Alla’s outstanding sense for tonal range and entrancing colour combinations.

Jane Davies @janedavieswatercolours, based in UK, provides a gallery of equally flawless artwork. Specializing in pet portraits and British wildlife, Jane paints magnificently loose animal portraits and the fluffiest birds of pray. Jane also teaches the art of loose painting and watercolour flow and, in her Daniel Smith step-by-step tutorial, suggests you “need to be a fairy in big boots” – “bold of heart and light of touch” when painting. 

Canadian artist Dawn Wood @watercolourjoy, just like all the wet-in-wet masters, seems to create paintings by pure magic, without brushes or ever touching the paper. Dawn shows enviable skill in her free-flowing florals and the entire family of enchanting kitties, birds and wildlife, but her ability to suggest shapes forming out of sheer splashes of watery paint is most obvious in her ethereal landscapes.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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