Traditional to Modern

Digital, collage, mixed media… are only few of the ways classic illustration, art and design is transformed from traditional to modern, contemporary artistic vision, with unique perspective and creative mark of each individual artist. The following three British artists have made these transformations singularly stylish and exceptional.

Katie Scott @katiekatiescott is a well established anatomical and botanical illustrator from London, with a number of published books, including The Story of Life: Evolution, Animalium and Botanicum. Drawing inspiration from traditional medical and botanical illustration, and using science as a springboard for her art, Katie creates brilliant digital spreads of flora and fauna, which The Guardian art gallery featuring her work, aptly calls ‘psychedelic’. 

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Collage artist, surface pattern designer and illustrator Clover Robin @clover_robin, based in London, England, “delights in nature and all things botanical, inspired by a childhood of woodland walks, countryside rambles and fossil hunting by the sea”. Using acrylic, gouache and colored pencils, Clover creates stunning patterns and textures for her prints and collages, ranging in subjects from flowers and vegetables, through still life and landscapes, to animals, birds and interiors.

A dedicated people watcher, Angela Smyth @angela_smyth_artist, is a self-taught professional artist based in West Yorkshire, with a keen ability for abstraction which, paired with her bold use of flat colour, results in strong graphic interpretation of what seems like the very essence of the subject. Angela’s people, animals, ships and towns have an allegorical and emblematic quality. According to the artist herself, Angela’s cityscapes “always have something hidden in them (…) an element to my work that isn’t obvious”. 

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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