Painting Mushrooms

There’s a million and one way to paint a subject, mushrooms included (mushrooms, perhaps, in a million ways more than any other subject, given their sheer variety).

The following three Instagram artists, each in their own way, have created a beautiful tribute to the simple little mushie.

Australian illustrator Karen Colenso @karencolenso has a very special touch when it comes to all things botanical. A true watercolour master, Karen never fails to bring the best qualities of the medium to the fore: transparency, fluidity and softness which, paired with her drawing skills, results in some of the most magical, airy, brilliant artwork. Karen’s whimsical collection is just as charming and equally precious. 

Madalina Tantareanu @madalinadraws, a Romanian graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, uses mainly ink and watercolour to tell her stories. Distinctly graphic in nature, her illustrations are very often monochrome and highly detailed, as well as decorative. Madalina focuses on small creatures, botanicals, birds, forest animals, and on nostalgic renderings of cityscapes.

Born in Brazil, Brunna Frade lives and paints in Mantiqueira Mountains, so it’s no wonder nature, spirits of the forest and of the mountain are the main source of her inspiration. According to Brunna, she illustrates “affection, dreams, memories, places” and everything else her imagination conjures. Using watercolour as her main medium, Brunna paints delightful portraits, in addition to flora, fauna, mythical beings and esoteric objects.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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