Art Imaginarium

Art and imagination are almost interchangeable terms, but even though art can hardly exist without imagination, in some cases the connection may not be entirely obvious. With the following Instagram artists, however, there can be no dilemma – their work, each in its own way, is marked by oodles of creativity, turning daily and common into art.

Norwegian artist Linda Bruvik @linda.bruvik_illustration, paints scenes from nature and daily life with great attention to detail. The intricate patterns and markings on her characters’ bed throws, shawls, rugs and hair, as well as forests and backgrounds, add interest and charm to Linda’s art. Mostly figurative, Linda’s illustrations feature clean lines, skillful use of colour and, just like the artists featured below, abundance of creativity.

Nicola Gregory @nicola.e.gregory, a UK artist, carries her watercolours from Caribbean to Tuscany, from her native Wales to the South of France. Named one of the first Royal Watercolour Society’s CWC Ambassadors, Nicola paints bright flora, still life, scenes from her travels and Christmas-inspired pieces, among else, with blissfully loose wide brushstrokes and juicy, brilliant colours. 

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Another Norwegian, Anja Andresen Waage @my.artjournal reveals she’s inspired by ‘life’s small moments’ and her surroundings. Using watercolour, acrylics and mixed media, and a predominantly soft, pastel palette, Anja paints chubby mermaids, angels and birds, portraits with lush floral crowns, sweet butterflies, bunnies and bees, voluptuous bathing beauties, and a lot more.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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