Little Things

A very happy New Year to all Blackwork and Illustration Now friends and readers!

While some artists are inspired by large canvases, open spaces and wide brushes, the following three draw our attention to the little things – making marks in their sketchbooks, planners and on calendars, working on small daily art pieces and doodling on book margins.

Cécile Metzger @coucou_illustration is a well established French freelance illustrator, currently living in Italy. Cécile creates magic using watercolour, pencils and even embroidery. Recognized and commissioned by some of the greatest names in the industry, Cécile’s artwork is marked by a distinct charm of innocence and lighthearted fun.

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Dear friends, How are you today ? It was supposed to rain all day here but we haven't seen a single drop yet 💧 For those of you who watch my stories, you might have seen some of these little guys there. Yesterday, I finally found a big art shop here (until now I had only found two very small ones, and they didn't have much choice), and I bought myself two bottles of @sennelier ink ! An Indigo blue, and an opaque white. And… I fell in love ! I spent the entire afternoon yesterday and the morning today filling a spread of my sketchbook with them. It had been such a long, long time since I had so much fun doodling like this ! So freeing and relaxing. I don't know if they really "fit my style", I usually use warm colours, but I loved the spread too much not to include it here… So here it is ! I hope you like them – if you do, you can go to my stories and find phone wallpapers I made for you ! Just a teeny tiny thank you for your support lately. It means so much. I know I keep saying this but I mean it everytime. Thank you, thank you !!! You are wonderful 💙 I hope this Thursday is kind to you, bringing you smiles and happy moments. I send you all my indigo love, warm tea and soft music, Cécile #coucou_illustration #illustration #illustrator #animals #props #ink #painting #sennelierink #objects #indigoink #pansies #indigo #blue #wip #chat #mossery @mosseryco

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Maria Carluccio @carluccio7, American artist based in Ohio, teaches illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design. Maria paints and posts daily on Instagram – something that was meant as a personal challenge, and turned into a fresh perspective on art-creating process. You can sense the joy of creation in Maria’s art, with each piece bringing that enthralling feeling of still-wet paint, playfulness and spontaneity. 

Canadian artist Shayda Campbell @shaydacampbell believes “creativity is play – everyone can do it!” and proves her point on her YouTube channel, where she posts tutorials twice a week. Mostly inspired by the botany, Shayda shares her ideas on creating airy drawings and paintings, greeting cards, hand-painted cutouts, as well as art journaling and decorating planners and calendars. 

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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