Poetry in Colour

You’d think realists and hyper-realists especially must be painting with needles and pins! You wouldn’t be too far away from the truth. When it comes to watercolour, in addition to high quality brushes with lots of zeroes on them, realism takes detailed, accurate drawings (measuring included), lots of thin watery layers, really going from light to dark, and… loads of patience. Loads. The following three realists are taking their art miles further from mere accuracy – to poetry in colour.

Japanese artist Reina Yamada @_reina_yamada_ continually polishes her portraiture skills to perfection and beyond. She carefully chooses her models (among the multitude of her Instagram followers too), and inevitably comes up with brilliant perspectives, as well as the most intriguing fragments and angles. Reina uses natural earthy palette and never fails to awe the onlooker with her emphasis on light and stunning detail.

Christina Mrozik @christinamrozikart, an American artist based in Portland, Oregon, is a professional illustrator with a striking ability to transmute the external into a mirror of the inner spiritual and emotional world. Focusing mainly on the flora and fauna, Christina uses watercolor, graphite, acrylic and ink to take you on a journey of self-discovery – a heroic undertaking fraught with pain and fear – snake-scale by snake-scale, a petal after petal, and one by one moth wing.

Victoria Obukhova @vishnyaobukhova is a Russian realist with an astoundingly vivid palette. Her portraits, flowers, forests, birds and mammals are bursting with energy and zest for life, with her attention to detail being just as impressive. Victoria paints life using fiery pinks, shades of purple and reds, making each of those adorable faces bathed in a warm glow of sheer love for life.

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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