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Zoki’s whimsy illustartions

Really proud having here today Zorana Zivic aka, one of our favorite watecolor illustrators! Let’s start the interview!

How long have you been drawing Zoki?

Professionally I have been illustrating for 2 years. As an amateur – whenever I had a chance. Some kids play with toy cars, some with milk boxes and some like the crayons. Obviously I was the one with the milk box.

What’s your process?

One of the most important parts of the process is to tidy up everything before I start. I can not work in a messy or dirty environment. A tidy place clears my head. If that was not the case, it can literally be seen in my work. After that, I put on some classical music and I get lost. What happens in between I have no idea. Sometimes I notice the laundry is already done. πŸ˜€ Oh, yes, and phone on the airplane mode during work is a must!

Digital vs traditional?

Traditional. I haven’t tried the digital yet. I would like to but I still haven’t found the excess time. However, painting with water is relaxing in many different ways. I think I could never totally switch even if I by some mistake fell in love with digital πŸ˜›

How long does it take to create it?

It varies from an illustration to illustration. Florals are very quick, about 1-3 hours. For children’s illustration I need more time because there are many more things you have to incorporate to make it work as a completed whole. So sometimes it takes me even a few days. But not more than that. I don’t like leaving things unfinished. It makes me nervous. πŸ˜€

Is it a hobby or a career?


Why do you draw?

I enjoy it and it gives me peace and excitment at the same time.

What inspires you?

Classical music, human emotions, peace, silence, smell, air, water…

What is the proudest moment that you have achieved?

This one is a cliche but it is true. It’s when I baked a double chocolate cake and ate half of it in one day! I am proud of many moments I have achieved but I think the one I would like to expose is finishing college with top grades and being pregnant 3 times during that period and on zero sleep. πŸ˜€

What is the biggest obstacle that you have faced?

The biggest obstacle, in my opinion, is not being a very social person. I don’t know how to engage in small talk and that is why I don’t like going among people. I believe it is an obstacle because this way I miss out on so many business opportunities. Talking to people sucks all of my energy and sometimes I need 2-3 days to refill it again. In my perfect world, everything would be solved via email.

You have one day to live, how do you spend it?

This is an easy one. I spend it in my living room drinking coffee with my husband and with kids running around the house. Typical Sunday.

Where can people find me:

Zoki’s portrait and her studio.

Zoki’s family, some cookies she bakes and her favorite rose πŸ™‚


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