Spirited Creatures

Three incredibly successful and well loved artists we are presenting today are veritable gems, distinguished by originality and authenticity. Their innovative approach and abundance of creativity has earned them a special place in the world of contemporary art, as well as in this column – with some of their spirited creatures.

Fotini Tikkou @fotinitikkouillustration, a Greek artist based in Denmark, has established a recognizable presence in the world of illustration, handmade ceramics and decorative objects. A Fine Arts graduate, Fotini has had her work printed and produced by some of the greatest names in the industry, and her playful drawings, scribbles and patterns adorn a whole range of lovely mugs (some of which are rather nosy), platters, bowls and jewelry, as well as a number of children books and greeting cards. Her art is distinguished by the whimsy, spontaneity and humour, making it captivating and entirely irresistible.

Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde @iraville is a German illustrator in the category of her own, with an overwhelming popularity matched only by her immense skill and versatility. Using mainly watercolour, gouache and colour pencils to express her vision, there is virtually no subject Ira won’t tackle – from delightful urban scenes, over the portraits, birds, pets, animals and botanicals, down to interiors and various taxonomies, including winter knits, evergreens and deliciously patterned mushrooms… Ira’s signature style is unmistakable, marked by an earthy palette, imaginative composition and the abundance of charm.

You can tell Jessica Zhao @calliandco, based in New Zealand, paints and posts on Instagram “just for fun” by the playfulness and the free spirit that shines through her art. Jessica’s grouped creatures, botanicals and objects (from cats, bats, butterflies and whales, to pumpkins, citruses, Christmas trees and Parisian bears) are imbued with a childlike enchantment – the never-ending wonder of life and art on Earth, up in the air, in the galaxies beyond and in the ocean depths… lighthearted and lovely down to the last brushstroke!

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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