Giselle Dekel’s Pun Art

Thanks Giselle Dekel aka @giselle_dekel for accepting to take part in our favorite illustrators’ interview series!

Let’s start the questions!

Giselle at work in her workstation.

How long have you been drawing?

Since forever, but it got more serious after taking my first art class at age six.

What’s your process?

I don’t think I have one, I like to draw things that make me happy or laugh. If I don’t know what to draw I have a little brainstorm session with myself.

Digital vs traditional?


How long does it take to create it?

Depends on the illustration, could be anywhere between 1 hour or 2 days.

Is it a hobby or your career?

Happy to say that it’s now my career.

Why do you draw?

Because it feels good to create. I love to see a blank piece of paper become something more. Same reason I love to bake!

What inspires you?

Women, humour, symmetry, shadows, architecture and the people around me.

What is the proudest moment that you have achieved?

Seeing my prints for sale in a shop for the first time. I had offered my illustrations for to a few shops, and one of them responded positively. A few weeks later I went to that shop to see my prints framed and up the wall, it was a pretty great moment.

What is the biggest obstacle that you have faced?

Definitely quitting my job in order to pursue this dream of becoming a self-employed designer/artist. Most people keep their day jobs for a year or more when doing this transition, which is the smart thing to do! For me that felt impossible, being a mother of 2 (a baby and a toddler) and working at a demanding job that I hated. And although it was a very hard first year, it was one of the smartest decisions I have made.

You have one day to live, how do you spend it?

Easy! From morning until afternoon, I would go hiking somewhere in the Austrian mountains with all my family. It’s definitely one on my favorite places in the world. We would all have a big picnic on a grass field overlooking a spectacular view, I’m thinking bread and cheese, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. For the evening, probably “Netflix and chill” just by myself, I would pick 2 movies, one that I already know and love and a new one that looks exciting, for dinner a big pizza just for me and lots of candy and chocolate, maybe some salted caramel popcorn (no guilt because I ate health that morning, AND it is my last day)

Giselle’s kids and her baking tools! 🙂

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