Dreaming in colour: Whimsical Portraits

Hello, Lana here, your uber-friendly guest columnist for Blackwork and Illustration Now and @TempuraDesign

I’ve been honoured to be given this opportunity to share works of my favorite artists with you, at one of my all-time favorite art sites. Hope you watch this space and enjoy my weekly selection!

If you are anything like me (which is highly unlikely, but just for the sake of conversation), whimsy is the spice that makes things come to life! and these three are among the whimsiest, coolest artists and illustrators around, with the most delightful sense of humour.

Andrea Joseph @aheavysoul , a ‘professional doodler’ from South Wales, uses a range of media, including ink, watercolour and colour pencils to create playful art on numerous subjects, as well as portraits, paintings of architecture, landscapes and pet portraits. 

Felix Scheinberger @felixscheinberger , designer and illustrator based in Germany, has several super cool books on sketching and watercolour under his belt (also teaches drawing and illustration at Münster University), and paints incredibly exuberant and dynamic, liveliest portraits and urban scenes. 

Last, but not least, Leonie Cheetham @pinkieinky , artist and illustrator from Down Under, has an ability to make her line dance across the paper and her vibrant colour sing. Leonie’s unique perspective offers a fresh look at known subjects, always in motion and brimming with life.    

Visit Lana’s Instagram gallery @calico.brush

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