The traditional inkworks of Luke Eidenschink

Thanks so much Luke aka for taking part in our favorite black and white illustrators’ interview series!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by many things: nature, history, fantasy and sci-fi stories and of course, the work of other artists.

Digital vs traditional?

I work in the medium of ink on paper, using mainly dip pens and brushes. Like many artists, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Even as a young kid, I preferred ink pens over other mediums like crayons.

Why do you draw?

I draw for a few reasons, but most importantly because it brings me joy. As an artist, I think the vision in my head is always slightly beyond my abilities to render it, so this keeps me always striving to be better.

The down side of that is self-doubt and criticism, which has been a big challenge – and one that I feel many creative people struggle with. But I love the act of drawing, creating something tangible from my imagination. And I really enjoy seeing the progress in my abilities; to look at a new drawing and realize that a year ago, I could never have done that. That’s an amazing feeling. So art, for me, is a process of constant learning and growth, a push to master a skill and a medium. I like to say that each drawing is only practice for the next.

This is a way of acknowledging my growth while reminding myself of my need to continuously learn. I do my best, learn from it, move on to the next thing. Just like life.

Luke Eidenschink and his workstation

What are your next projects?

Now that Inktober is done, I am working on finishing a graphic novel, creating more video content for my YouTube channel (process and tutorial videos),  offering more exclusive video content for my patrons on Patreon (tips and tricks, inking and drawing advice), and compiling a second art book.

You can find me on YouTube( ) and on Patreon ( LukeInk ), and be sure to check out my Etsy shop ( LukeInkArt ) for the art book, prints, and original drawings.

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